How Child & Adolescent Therapy Can Help 

Working with a child and adolescent therapist in Folsom, CA can make it easier to enjoy being a family. There may be times when a child or adolescent isn’t getting the attention they need or the family cannot effectively communicate. It’s hard to know what’s really happening.

I’m Susan Rivieccio, LMFT.  I have worked with children and teens as well as their families. Some children and adolescents cannot communicate effectively with their parents. They may be going through a variety of issues and by working with a therapist, it can be easier to address them one by one.

Often, I’m the mediator between a child/adolescent/teen and their parents. When your child/adolescent/teen feels as though they have nowhere to turn or you’re unable to get through to your child, set up an appointment. We can work through things together to minimize discord and put what once was a problem into perspective.