Schedule Trauma-Focused Therapy

There are times in life when trauma-focused therapy can help you to get out of your current way of thinking. There may be a traumatic experience that is preventing you from living your best life in Folsom, CA. This is when it’s helpful to work with a counselor who can help guide you.

By choosing to schedule trauma-focused therapy, we can focus on the specific trauma(s) that you have experienced. This includes anything from the loss of a loved one to a car accident. Whatever trauma you have faced, it matters. It should not be minimized by anyone, including you, if it’s bothering you.

Post-traumatic stress disorder can present in children and adults with intrusive, recurring thoughts about the trauma experience, dissociation, sleep issues, inability to concentrate and intense physical and emotional responses to anything that triggers a memory of the trauma.  Emotions/feelings that come up can include: guilt, shame, anger, powerlessness, hopelessness, depression and anxiety.

Providing you a safe and secure environment for disclosure of the details of your trauma is very important and my first priority.  Followed by psycho-education on how your perceptions may be distorted and giving you the tools to reframe your perceptions/thoughts will open up some mental space for new considerations.  Some of the tools that have shown to be helpful include: psycho-education, relaxation techniques- slow and deep breathing, aromatherapy, mindfulness meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, guided imagery; affect regulation, mastery of triggering trauma reminders in daily life and somatic modalities such as Brainspotting and EMDR.

Make one call to me at Susan Rivieccio, LMFT and we can schedule the trauma-focused therapy to help relieve your symptoms.  The sessions are built around your needs, empowering you to decide how many therapy sessions are necessary.