Sexual Assault Counseling

The reality is you can’t out run, self-harm, numb or dissociate yourself out of what has happened.  But you already know that because you more than likely tried one or all of these. The only way out of the pain is through feeling your feelings.  Right now I know you are in a world of pain.  I also know pain has pattern, rhythm and texture to it and that over time your pain will get less and less and your thoughts will be more about living and thriving. I have treated child, adolesent, teen and adult survivors.  I can help you open the deepest part of you that you have walled off and kept silent.  Mirror back to you there is hope and reassure you that it is possible to be whole again.  Together we can work on shame and guilt, self-care, the body’s role in healing and getting your voice and power back.  We will keep things at a pace that does not overwhelm or re-traumatize you during your healing process.  Acceptance of yourself right now as you are starts with honoring what you did to survive.  If you can do that you will open the door to change.